Richard Wohlfarth


Richard Wohlfarth


After being deformed by continental forces and washed out by water, our ancestors adored caves to live in. Now, these painted walls of stone give us a glimps into our human roots, while scientists understand the creation of our earth by looking at a rock. Stone extends from the depths of the seas to the highest mountains in the world and some of them became symbols of the religious.

The word Pareidolia is derived from the ancient Greek para, which means “beside” and eidōlon meaning “shape”. Inspired by the beauty of water touching stone, surfaces become a subjective visual world, where the meaning takes place on an individual level of interpretation.

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10.02. - 13.02. 2022 

Holland Amerikaplein - 

Kop van Zuid

this project was part of "Atopie" Graduation Class #27 and European Month of Photography  2020

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